Visual Communication Design is a versatile field of study; always changing as response to the changing demands of technology, society and culture. It is concerned with the transfer of information by using digital technologies, for which methodological thinking, creativity, theory and practical skills are all essentially required.

In relation with the growth in media and information technology, there is an increasing demand of visual communicator designers who are capable of giving clarity and effectiveness to a message among the clutter of words and images. Through design, our visual surroundings are analytically and creatively processed so as to be rendered persuasive, descriptive or informative.

The competition in the creative industry is as fierce as ever, with universities and colleges turning out thousands of fresh graduates each year. So to survive on the job, the decision you make in choosing your place of study is crucial. You need to be armed with an education that doesn’t only train you to master technical and artistic skills, but more importantly, provide you with the more fundamental understanding of communication and foster your innovative, conceptual, strategic, and critical thinking. That is what our Visual Communication Design program offers in order to give you the advantage of a well-rounded education that prepares you not only to enter the work force, but to stand out from the crowd.

UPH’s department of Visual Communication Design aims at educating the designers of tomorrow to tackle a multitude of visual problems, emphasizing on value-added design based on cross-cultural understanding and entrepreneurship skills. The program provides students with opportunities to explore the visual world and its meaning—producing visual art and the application in social life by integrating ethics, logic and aesthetics of the visual language, and prepares them to face the globalized world.